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Renting a holiday home in Sardinia

Whatever your needs for a holiday home, you can find it in Sardinia. In addition to those seeking the summer sun and beach holidays, Sardinia can offer so much more. So before we discuss holiday homes, lets talk about holidays.

It is not widely known that Sardinia has ski slopes but in the central mountain range known as the Gennargentu Mountains, snow is an annual occurrence and has skiing facilities for those who like to ski and snowboard.

The mountains are also very popular destinations for hunters of wild boar, deer and other mammals and birds which the Sardinian authorities permit. Hunting season begins in Autumn and ends before the breeding season in Spring and is usually restricted to 2 days a week. However there are private hunting lodges where hunters can enjoy their sport every day of the hunting season.

Mountaineering is another great attraction of Sardinia where the sheer cliff faces and famous “Tacchi” ridges in Ogliastra provide a climbing experience for all levels of climbing expertise. The wild and rugged hills and mountains of central Sardinia offer alternative holidays for trekkers, horse riders, bird watchers and a hundred other activities people enjoy in wild and uninhabited regions of outstanding natural beauty where wildlife can be witnessed in the same environment of its ancient ancestors.

Sardinia being one of the earliest regions of habitation by humans has numerous archeological sites which are visited by anthropologists, paleontologists and tourists alike. The island is dotted with Domus de Janus, Tombe dei Giganti and Nuraghi plus ruins from the more recent era of the Romans.

And lets not forget the stunning 1,233km of Sardinian coastline where the crystal waters of the Mediterranean gently roll along the dazzling white beaches but can also pound the rocky outcrops jutting out into the sea. Scuba diving is a popular sport around the island offering divers a variety of rocky reefs, overhangs, drop offs and caves all covered by spectacular marine life such as sea sponges, tube worms and coral providing ideal habitats to a large variety of fish, mollusks and crustaceans like moray eel, conger, barracudas, octopus and lobsters. Fishing is another popular pastime with a choice of sea or fresh water fishing. Most of the tourist marinas have boats for hire or offer excursions for fishing trips or sight seeing tours where you can spend a leisurely day sunning and swimming with a typical Sardinian lunch on board.

The majority of the beaches are family friendly where small children can play in the warm shallow waters in which the currents are gentle and the tides are barely noticeable. The main beaches are equipped with beach bars, sun beds and umbrellas, while you will need to take these accessories with you to the hundreds of smaller bays around the coast.

Where to Stay

There are many tourist developments and private apartments or villas for rent all over the island but mostly around the coast. The all-inclusive holiday complex is the more expensive solution but does offer a carefree holiday. Private holiday rentals usually work out cheaper (unless you are looking for that luxury villa) and offer greater flexibility as you are not tied to meal times, or where you are to eat, thus allowing you to experience genuine local cuisine or the choice of dining at home . This is probably a better option for tourists wanting to explore the island a little and also for families with small children who have their own set routine. As an alternative to hotels, holiday camps and private rentals are the “Agriturismi” Agri-tourism) which offer simple economic accommodation in rural settings usually attached to a farm. The food served in these agriturismi is usually a fixed menu of Sardinian specialties grown or produced locally and washed down with the local red wine. Wherever you stay, a meal at an agriturismo,is a must and for between 25 – 30 euros per person is a dining experience you will not forget.
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