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The Italian island of Sardinia has long been a popular tourist destination offering a rich menu of sights and activities for any holiday maker. Its combination of history, culture and the Mediterranean sun make it a great place to visit on any budget.

Cagliari, the capital city is packed with sights to take in. The best way to view the city is to take a trip up to the historic Castello District at the top of the hill. From there you can survey the city in all its glory and take in the beautiful views of the surrounding Gulf of Cagliari. You will also spot a number of other landmarks including the Cagliari Castle, The Bastion of St Remy and the Roman Amphitheatre which are all well worth a visit.

Once you have taken in the sights, relax at the bars and restaurants of the city. For a sophisticated evening head into the Castello District where you will find a number of small, laid back Latin bars. If you fancy a spot of night clubbing head to the Marina, Stampace or especially Poetto Beach.

Alghero is a Catalan flavoured town situated on Northwest coast and is fast becoming a European hotspot for tourists, in no small part helped by its stunning beaches and picturesque town. It offers a great family holiday all year round and combines the benefits of a beach and city break in one. Porto Conte, just outside Alghero is a natural wildlife reserve stretching along the coastline and is a great day trip out.

For those on a higher budget there are a number of excursions available. A worthwhile stop is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Su Nuraxi in the town of Barumini, 50km north of Cagliari. Discovered in the 1950s, the ancient fortified village dates back to 1000BC and is the best example of this type of "nuraghe" in the world. Expert tours of the site run frequently throughout the year.

For those with children, Neptune`s Grotto might be more enjoyable. Relax on a boat and take a 45 minute tour of the breathtaking cave system outside Alghero. Also near Alghero are the 500 hectares of Sella & Mosca`s vineyards, sure to delight any wine fan. The vines themselves are only open to visitors from the wine trade but the museum, establishment and cellar are all open to the public.

For the more adventurous, renting a car to explore the magical Nuragic archaeology of the island is a must. Already mentioned is Su Nuraxi, but Nora, situated in the south of the island is home to the remains of an large Nuragic village including baths, temples, amphitheatre and Kasbah.

There is little doubt that Sardinia is a hidden gem of beauty, culture and history in the Mediterranean. It offers great city breaks, boasts fantastic beaches and has more caves, grottos and historical sites than you could explore in a year, so book some cheap flights to Sardinia today and find out for yourself.
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