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House Around Sardinia is the real estate agency working to find your dream home in Sardinia.

Large, small, in the town centre, overlooking the sea, new, off plan, characteristic, renovation, with balcony or terrace, with garden, communal pool, near the shops, tranquil location… the variables for people looking to buy an apartment in Sardinia are endless but whatever your requirements we will do our best to satisfy them.

Apartments in the towns are usually designed and constructed with residents in mind. Often this means more practical living spaces but less attention paid to the outdoor space which can be rather limited and is more usually designed for car parking. The benefits of town living are the proximity to local services including shops, bars, restaurants and public transport. On the other hand the towns are rarely within walking distance of the sea so it usually entails taking the car to the beach. The principal residential cities in Sardinia are Cagliari (the capital) on the south coast, Sassari in the north, Olbia on the east coast and Oristano on the west coast. Buying an apartment in the town is ideal for those people wanting to integrate with the local population.

Around the coast are many tourist developments and residences designed and built as holiday homes. Where applicable, these holiday apartments are designed to make the most of the available views and to enable outdoor living with relative privacy through cleverly planned external spaces such as a terrace, veranda, balcony and/or small garden . The benefits are being near to the beaches and often include amenities such as shops, bars, restaurants, pizzerias and supermarket. These holiday developments do become quiet out of season which can be an advantage for people looking for peace and quiet but near to the beach. On the whole these present a great solution for people looking to purchase a holiday home and also present a good opportunity for rental income. Costa Paradiso, San Teodoro, Budoni, Costa Rey, Costa Verde, Costa Smeralda, Lu Bagnu, Torre della Stella, Chia, Stintino and many others fall into this category of holiday home.

However there are also a few towns which provide a happy medium for those buyers looking to integrate with the Sardinian society and enjoy the benefits tourism brings to an area. These “lived in” towns are perfect for someone making a permanent move to Sardinia where the best of both worlds is provided offering year round services but with that bit of extra flavour tourism brings to a place. Such towns include, Alghero, Bosa, Castelsardo, Pula and Tortoli. These towns are old historical centres which have expanded through tourism yet remain steeped in traditions and ancient culture. And of course are sited in areas of outstanding natural beauty with glorious beaches nearby.

Alghero is the first choice for many when they begin looking to buy a holiday apartment because of its proximity to an airport which has seen a huge influx of tourists since the low cost airlines began using it. Alghero is a good size lively town and never short of tourists even during the winter months. But an apartment in Alghero does not come cheap. Even though the last few years have seen a great deal of development, the prices continue to rise and a new two bedroom apartment will carry a price tag in the region of €200,000.

Bosa on the west coast approximately 50km south of Alghero has benefited from the fall out from Alghero as it offered a cheaper alternative to Alghero . It has a quaint mediaeval old part and the river Temo runs through the centre effectively splitting the town in two. Tourism has grown up around the nearby beaches of Marina di Bosa which boasts a long sandy beach and small bays further along the coast.

Castelsardo perched on the hilltop ready to spot marauding armies arriving from the north gives the impression of being constructed ready to repel the invaders being in such a dominant position and is a very compact town but with the open sea to the front and the hills to the rear tourism spread to the west where Lu Bagnu has been the focus of recent development .

Pula on the south coast has some of the finest beaches in Sardinia on its doorstep. Just along the coast is the home of the exclusive Forte Village holiday complex and just outside of Pula is the renowned golf course Is Molas. Pula itself has a very pretty town centre and a relaxed attitude to life where much of the social life centres around the huge main square. The town and surrounding areas have become increasingly in demand since the low cost airlines began regular flights to Cagliari airport enabling many others to discover this beautiful part of the coast which initially was developed by the Cagliaritani who built their holiday homes here to escape the oppressive summer heat of the city.

Tortoli, midway up the east coast is in the least known and least populated province in Sardinia. Over the last few years new roads have opened up the newly formed province of Ogliastra which has the most spectacular scenery on the island and has been voted Italy’s most beautiful province by the Italians themselves. Its mountains provide the backdrop for numerous activities such as mountain climbing, skiing, wild boar hunting and trekking while the dramatic coast line of sheer cliffs, rocky headlands and dazzling white beaches offer great family holidays. Tortoli is the biggest town in the area but high on the hills nestle smaller towns with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and nearby coast which offer the house buyer unlimited opportunities for renovation projects at very modest prices.

Local estate agents with the largest property data base
In order to offer more choice in the Sardinian property market, House Around Sardinia has many affiliations with local agents in all the provinces of Sardinia. To guarantee our professionalism our estate agency is a member of the Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionali (FIAIP). Furthermore we have a data bank that is kept up-to-date with information on the relevant apartments and other property for sale. House Around Sardinia will help you find your dream home anywhere in Sardinia and to suit your budget.

Our additional services
House Around Sardinia will assist you every step of the way to ensure your Italian home buying experience is fast, easy and uncomplicated. We follow the buyer through all the stages of buying and selling to give a service that is transparent and complete. We will help you with Italian bureaucracy, the legal side of purchasing property, provide translations and assist with obtaining mortgages. Furthermore, we can recommend surveyors and qualified professionals for property inspections and if your apartment needs modernization or a renovation / restoration project we can help with local designers, builders and trades people.
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