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Welcome to Sardinia - Italy's best kept secret
Discover Sardinia

Sardinia, Italy's best kept secret where the Italians themselves love to spend their holidays. It is the second largest of Italy's islands but only has a population of approx. 1.5 million.
Sardinia's biggest attractions are it's white sandy beaches divided into small intimate coves by towering cliffs meeting the crystal waters along the 1800km of coastline providing a stunning panorama of natural beauty. Perfect for family holidays and those just wanting to leave the rat race behind.
The mild mediterranean climate makes it a great destination all year round to escape the winter blues and is a popular off season destination for rock climbing enthusiasts, bikers and hunting fans.

While the beachlife is undoubtedly the major attraction to tourists, the hinterland is an absolute must to visit , to experience the mountain lifestyle and its inhabitants culture and to taste the proudly presented homegrown produce of cured ham, salami, spit roasted suckling pig, ewes milk cheeses and of course the full bodied local wines.

The presence of man in Sardinia is attested since 450,000 years ago. The landscape is dotted with “Menhirs” considered by the Prehistoric people as the path to the Mother Earth, “Domus De Janus”, the name with which Sardinia’s popular tradition calls the thousands of tombs dug out of the rock from the Neolithic Age up to the Eneolithic Period, but the Nuraghic civilization (between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age) is still the one that most marks several Sardinian landscapes, with thousands of monuments.

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Why buy in Sardinia?

Sardinia is a great choice whether you’re looking for a sound investment, holiday home, retirement home or a new life! Italy will always remain popular with tourists and Sardinia is just becoming known thanks to a number of airlines now flying direct to Sardinia’s airports, including low cost airlines EasyJet and RyanAir
. It also presents great investment opportunities as property prices remain low compared to other mediterranean destinations and thanks to strict planning regulations prohibits over development thereby safeguarding your investment.